1.5. Prep for Bootcamp

  1. Get the most uptodate AFNI on your computer.

  2. Boot up.

    1. Copy+paste:

      curl -O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD.tgz
      tar xvzf CD.tgz
      cd CD
      tcsh s2.cp.files . ~
      cd ..

      Purpose: Download the Bootcamp class data; untar+unzip it (= open it up); move into the newly opened directory; execute a script to copy the files to $HOME/..

      If no errors occur in the above, and your afni_system_check.py says things are OK, you can delete/remove the tarred/zipped package, using “rm CD.tgz”. If you are really confident, you can also deleted the CD/ directory in the present location.

    2. !Pro tip!: Bring a computer mouse to use at the Bootcamp. It is muuuuch easier to follow the demos that way.

    3. Read+practice with the handy Unix documentation/tutorial.

      Purpose: give you a quick lesson/refresher on using basic Linux shell commands (e.g., ls, cd, less, etc.). It will greatly enhance your bootcamp experience– we promise!

  3. EVALUATE THE SETUP: an important and useful step in this process!

    1. Open a new terminal, and then copy+paste:

      afni_system_check.py -check_all
    2. Read the “Please Fix” section at the end. If there are no suggestions, then rejoice! Otherwise, try the suggestion(s) there.

    3. Open up the AFNI and SUMA GUIs, juuuust to make sure all is well:


    Report any crashes or problems!

    If stuck, then …

    • try searching online with the error message, and/or ask on the Message Board

    • send the system check to an AFNI guru for advice—copy+paste:

      afni_system_check.py -check_all > out.ASC.txt

      ... and email the file “out.ASC.txt”.