1.3. Work with Docker/Containerized AFNI

1.3.1. Pre-built Dockerfile

The continuous integration set up on AFNI’s Github uses CircleCi and pushes to a Docker Hub account when it succeeds (thanks, Dylan and Jakub!). It is built with the Dockerfile in the base directory of the AFNI codebase and uses the CircleCi yml file here.

To use the container, copy+paste:

docker pull afni/afni

docker run --rm -ti  afni/afni

To develop using that build environment, run the following from the afni repository:

docker run --rm -ti  -v $PWD:/opt/afni afni/afni

and there you have it.

1.3.2. Neurodocker

Please also check out Neurodocker for examples of commands to build Dockerfiles and Singularity with AFNI (thanks, Jakub!):