3.3. (Useful) Outside lectures

3.3.1. Overview

Below are links to other useful lectures and lecture series that we consider potentially quite useful for understanding MRI, data analysis or both. Some have been made by AFNI group members, but many are by other groups and kindly provided for public dissemination.

Note: The views and opinions expressed in videos linked here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect official policy.

3.3.2. FMRIF Summer Course

The Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core Facility (FMRIF) is a core within the National Institute of Mental Health of the NIH that is big into brain imaging. In recent years they have organized and hosted a series of educational lectures during the summer involving a wide array of topics, including MRI and brain imaging (amongst many other interesting topics). The latest set of their lectures are available here (see panel at the left, for several years’ worth of recorded talks): FMRIF Summer Course Homepage.

Thanks to Peter Bandettini and Dorian Van Tassell for organizing that and making the lectures available.

3.3.3. Andy’s Brain Blog

Andrew Jahn has a short course of tutorials using AFNI, available here: Andy’s Brain Blog: AFNI Overview.