2.2. AFNI Bootcamp handouts

2.2.1. Download all AFNI handouts

A lot of material about using the AFNI software toolbox are kept locked in the secret afni_handouts vaults. Now, for the first time in history, they are also available from this webpage!

  1. To download the handouts directory, do any one of the following:

    • (Fastest!) Copy+paste to a terminal:

      afni_open -aw afni_handouts.tgz
    • Click this download link: (current) AFNI handouts directory

    • Copy+paste to a terminal:

      curl -O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD/afni_handouts.tgz
    • Copy+paste to a terminal:

      wget https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/CD/afni_handouts.tgz
  2. To open+unpack the directory, copy+paste this to a terminal:

    tar -xvf afni_handouts.tgz

    … which should produce a directory called “afni_handouts/” in that location.


If you are preparing to attend an AFNI Bootcamp, know that this afni_handouts directory is also part of the Bootcamp data download. You can download the whole Bootcamp data directory from here, or you can do it as part of setting up AFNI on your computer, following instructions for your particular operating system listed here).

2.2.2. Download specific AFNI handout(s)

If you would like to get just an individual handout or two from the directory, you can do that in a straightforward manner. The following command will download the particular file to your current location, and open it using an application on your computer.


afni_open -aw FILE_NAME

where FILE_NAME can be any file in the currently available afni_handouts directory, listed in the following table.

Current files in afni_handouts directory  
3dQwarp.pdf afni_proc.pdf
advanced_vis_notes.txt afni_tips.pdf
afni00_unix.pdf BiasSources_RS-FMRI.pdf
afni01_intro.pdf bootcamp_schedule_dti_2018_10_22.pdf
afni02_to3d.pdf bootcamp_schedule_dti_2019_11_prelim.pdf
afni03_interactive.pdf brainhack_afni_driving.txt
afni04_fmri.pdf Clusters_2017.pdf
afni05_regression.pdf Connectivity.pdf
afni06_decon.pdf contributor_connections.niml.dset
afni07_advanced.pdf deface_anat.csh
afni07_ETAC.pdf dir_struct.pdf
afni09_render.pdf driving_afni_images.tcsh
afni09_render_work.txt Driving_Afni+Suma.pdf
afni10_volreg_talairach_extras.pdf DTI.pdf
afni10_volreg_talairach.pdf ETAC_clone.pdf
afni11_roi_cmds.txt ExptDsgn.pdf
afni11_roi.pdf FATCAT_01_background_dti.pdf
afni14_alignment_cmds_3dvolreg.txt FATCAT_02_dti_tracking_intro.pdf
afni14_alignment.pdf FATCAT_03_dti_tracking_funcs.pdf
afni15_templates_atlases.pdf FATCAT_04_netw_stats_mvm.pdf
afni16_start_to_finish.pdf FATCAT_HO.pdf
afni17_ht03.pdf FMRI_basics.pdf
afni19_jazz_answers.pdf global_process_commands.txt
afni19_jazz_hints.pdf global_process_outline.txt
afni19_jazz.pdf index.html
AFNI_2018_12_SCNU_5day_schedule.pdf intro_notes.txt
AFNI_2019_03_NIH_5day_schedule.pdf JewelBox.pdf
AFNI_2019_04_UWMilwaukee_5day_schedule_rev.pdf MiscRoundup.pdf
AFNI_2019_10_NIH_3day_schedule_Kansas.pdf nih_campus_map_highlightsC.pdf
AFNI_2019_11_NIH_5day_schedule.pdf PPI.pdf
afni20_instastuff.pdf QuickTasks.doc.pdf
afni22_indiana.pdf QuickTasks.pptx.pdf
afni23_restingstate.pdf Qwarp.pdf
afni24_GroupAna.pdf RegressionHandsOn.pdf
afni25_GroupAna_HO.pdf RestingAFNI.pdf
afni26_ROI-based-modeling.pdf RestingState_Denoising.pdf
afni30_vol_dset_basics.pdf RestingState.pdf
afni31_sidedness_tests.pdf SliceTiming.pdf
afni_clustering_etac.pdf SomeScripts.pdf
AFNI_global_datasets.pdf suma_keystrokes.txt
AFNI_interactive2.pdf suma.pdf
AFNIintergoals.txt TORTOISE_Okan.pdf
AFNI_Mar2019_dti_1day_schedule.pdf zebrafish_suma.mpg