4. Installing AFNI (software)

To install AFNI, please see HowTo #0 for descriptions and details.

For help with installation difficulties, please search or post to the AFNI Message Board

If you are somewhat confident, consider this quick example for a modern Linux system:

curl -O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/tgz/linux_openmp_64.tgz
tar xfz linux_openmp_64.tgz
mv linux_openmp_64 ~/abin
echo 'set path = ( $path $HOME/abin )' >> ~/.cshrc
source ~/.cshrc

Alternatively, consider this quick example for a general system:

curl -O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/bin/linux_openmp_64/@update.afni.binaries
tcsh @update.afni.binaries -defaults
echo 'set path = ( $path $HOME/abin )' >> ~/.cshrc
source ~/.csrhc

To update an existing AFNI installation, consider simply:

@update.afni.binaries -defaults

After this is done, it may be necessary to open a new terminal window.