5. Installing AFNI_data6 (sample class data)

In a typical AFNI bootcamp, the AFNI_data6 directory will be put under the $HOME directory.

The following commands will download it and place it in the $HOME directory:

curl -O https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/edu/data/AFNI_data6.tgz
tar xfz AFNI_data6.tgz

The output might look like:


Data installation is part of setting up a computer for an AFNI bootcamp. For full details, see: howto: class setup

5.1. A simple test

Make sure that AFNI_data6 is installed via the ‘ls’ command:

ls AFNI_data6

The result should show the contents of that directory, such as:

  • the afni directory

  • the FT_analysis directory

  • the unix_tutorial directory (which contains this tutorial)

  • history.txt