11.11.5. General Linear Tests.

When the Generals Talk. [1]

The GLT tab opens blank. This will only function if you have a working model specified on the Model tab. The helpful warning box will show you what is wrong or missing before you push any buttons. The “Variable” selector will autofill with the first categorical variable.



If you change the model, the GLTs that you specified will disappear!!! So make sure you are done with your model BEFORE adding any GLTs!!!

Level 42. [2]

After you type some reasonable label, choose a variable and the “Multi-select levels in order” drop-down will display the factor levels for that categorical variable. Just choose the ones you want in the order you want to add to the field.


Quantitative variables only require one number to be entered. So the levels drop-down will prompt you.


Carry That Weight. [3]

With the levels selected, follow the prompt and enter numerical weights corresponding to your levels, separated by commas


After entering appropriate weights, AND there are no errors, push the “Add variable” button to add a correctly formatted string to the “GLT code: -gltCode” field.



You can add more variables to the current GLT code by just repeating the same procedure.

A test, a test, a test, no rest. [4]

Push the “Test GLT” button to test the current GLT model using your data. If it does not fail, you should see some summary in the adjacent box. If it does fail, you will see “Model Fail! Try again…”



You should not care if the result is significant, only make sure it does not fail!!!

When you are satisfied with the GLT, push the “Add GLT” button to add the current GLT code to the text box below. It will be formatted and numbered correctly and added to the 3dMVM script on the “Script” tab. All of the selections above will be cleared for the next GLT to be entered



You can add more GLTs to the list by just repeating the same procedure.

11.11.6. More coming soon