12.11.3. Positive Role Model. [1]

By Default by Design. [2]

After loading the data, the default variables are tested as a model. The a summary of the model results is shown below. The text is a print out of the R function that calculates the model (aov_car).


Spelling counts in large amounts. [3]

Start typing a model as you would for the -bsVars argument in 3dMVM. The program will make sure that you are entering a valid model. It will check your spelling and match your text with the variables that are in your data table. The “Specification errors” box will show you want is wrong with the text strings. If the model is valid, the “Model result” box will display a summary. If not, you will see the “Enter a valid model” warning.


Rudie Can’t Fail. [4]

This model shows a failure. The BaselineScore is a numerical variable, but it was not specified as a quantitative variable -qVars. Since it tests the model as you type, you know where the mistake is.


Specifying the BaselineScore as a -qVars gives a successful model. Gender is also numerical, but it would not be quantitative.



We don’t care about the p value for this model!!! We only want to make sure it doesn’t fail!!!

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